Right to Manage

“Right to Manage” are words we hear a lot about at the moment – but what does it exactly mean?

Well – put very simply – it means leaseholders who are fed up with their managing agent or masters taking control of the building for themselves.  By doing so – you will inevitably reduce your service charges by eliminating insurance commissions and overheads that previously were pushed upon you.

Freeholders hate Right to Manage – as they see profits tumble.  Agents who are written in the leases have to be a lot more professional otherwise they see their contracts end as owners of the building control the management affairs.

Does this sound like your building?
Are you fed up with high service charges and poor management?
Worried you are being ripped off?
Seeing invoices for work never done?
No transparency in the work undertaken?

It may be that you are already in a Resident Management Company scheme and can become a Director and have a say in the affairs of your building.

Right to Manage takes the control away from others and into the leaseholders hands.  You don’t have to show fault on the part of the landlord or agents, you just need 50% support of the building.

And don’t worry if you don’t know who to contact or what to do – we can help at every stage of the process – having undertaken one of the largest Right to Manages in Manchester and one of the largest Freeholders in the Country.  Our legal expertise can guide you through the minefield of Right to Manage and ultimately for you to gain control of your development so you and your fellow leaseholders can finally have a say in how your homes are run.

Don’t be put off by the lack of initial support, at Regalty Estates we know how to run a campaign and use social media to develop a conversation with other leaseholders.  If this sounds like you, or you know of others in your building who would be interested in wrestling control from absent landlords who are making huge profits on the back of your service charges then please make sure you give us a call.