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Bespoke property management solutions, tailored to fit the demanding needs of residential and commercial properties.


About us

Established in 1999 as a dedicated Property Management company, Regalty Estates have been working with Lessees, Tenants, Investors, Freeholders and Developers successfully for over 15 years. Our aim is to empower residents to take control of their homes and investments, and ensure that the building is managed in the best way possible to ensure maximum return from your service charge.

We tailor our solutions to fit your development specifically, unlike other agencies we don’t offer an ‘off the shelf’ management service. Our values are to work with you, to guide you and support you whether as Directors of a block you live in, or as a Developer trying to market your properties, Regalty Estates are there as a trusted source of information to enhance your home’s potential.

Our bespoke solutions to help manage your property can include:

  • 24 hour property management
  • Full time property maintenance team
  • Right to Manage advice and facilitation
  • Legal advice for all property matters
  • Financial Management

Above all, we value personal relationships built on the highest of professional standards. Having recently been accredited to the latest ARMA-Q quality standard Regalty Estates are proud to be pioneering new technologies and ways to interact with our clients, such as our YourSpace client management system.

Give us a call on 0845 456 4980 to find out what we can do differently for you.

Regalty Estates Brand Values

  • We put our Clients first – no answering machines just good old-fashioned humans answering our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Property Management Team that works around your availability – as a Director feel free to call us into the evening to discuss any issues you have.
  • Our Management Team includes an in-house Solicitor and Barrister – giving you in-house legal solutions to complex management problems or issues. No more farming out to external solicitors for dealing with problems.
  • Personable relationships that will develop over time – some of our clients have been with us for over 15 years. We are in this for the long haul with you.
  • Freephone Number for all directors – and if you call us, we call you back to save you mobile costs.
  • Monthly reporting functions that demonstrate absolute transparency.
  • Headed up by a Fellow of the Institute of Residential Property Managers.

The root of a
great property
management team

Our dedicated staff consisting of Finance Experts, Legal Eagles and Property Managers are always here to help.


The root of a great property
management team

Regalty Estates is built on the principle of making you feel special. We want to make your home or investment feel cared for, and our motivation is to succeed in delivering a quality management solution that enhances the value of your most prized asset.

To that end, we have invested heavily in our most prized asset.
Our people. Your Team.

To the right are some of the key players in our organisation that make us who we are and support the values and goals of the business to deliver excellence in all we do. Click on the people to see who they are, where they have come from and what they can do for you and your development.

That said, we are supported by numerous other staff who make us who we are, our team of secretarial and support staff, contractors and directors who work alongside us, day in, day out, to make sure that we deliver to you, our customer. Not to mention those leaseholders who have supported us over many years in our growth and helping us to define who we are and what we do.

Give any of us a call on 0845 456 4980 and see what we can do for you.







Why choose us

You are probably considering a number of managing agents for your development. Maybe you are just thinking about management change and don’t know what you will get from all the effort of changing your managing agent.

Well don’t sweat the small stuff – if you do want a change we will handle every aspect of that for you.

Why are we different? It’s a great question and a good place to start. Our brand is built on a model of diversity, where all our staff are involved in some way with the principle role of looking after our client. We are not ‘department based’ – but skills based – with even our legal team being trained to IRPM standards.

Is your Management Agent really working hard for you?

We are truly a 24 hour operation – we have a central dedicated line that can even be answered in your developments name – it’s the little things that make the difference. At Regalty Estates, we focus on the big things too, so you don’t have to. We even have a freephone number for Directors to call us – we don’t want you to pay for the call.

I have just logged into YourSpace and I wanted to provide you with feedback to say what an excellent service it is!! I am reviewing my portfolio at the moment and effective management is a major factor on whether I keep my properties or not.  Despite it’s low yield I intend to keep this property because of the way you manage our property. Quote that too if you like!!”

Charlie Field, Leaseholder – Manchester City Centre

We look at each client and their individual needs and make sure that what we put together makes a difference to the way your homes are run. We are involved daily with the contract team – we value communication and face-to-face engagement of all our clients be that with technology or over a cup of tea.

Expert communicators, open transparent business practices and professionals who enjoy their role.

That’s the Regalty Difference. We look forward to you experiencing it.

Choose Regalty Estates because of our…



All employees will be trained to provide
excellent client service and
professionalism in its business actions
and communications at all times.
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Regalty Estates will continue to grow
its core business skill-sets, keeping
abreast of changes in legislation
and codes of conduct.
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Many people have legitimate concerns
regarding the trustworthiness of their
management company and the service
it provides.
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Frequent Asked Questions

  • If you have a neighbour who is causing you a nuisance, the best thing to do in the first instance is approach them politely or pass a note to them. If this does not work or you do not feel comfortable doing this, then you can report the problem to us and we will write to the property in question. The best way to do this is to send an email – you will need to tell us where you live (including your reference if you have it to hand), the address of the property that has caused the problem and a brief outline of what the problem is.

    If you have reported the problem to us and we have written to them then there is usually nothing further we can do. If at this stage you find that the problem is not rectified then it will be necessary to inform the police or your local Environmental Health Department who can be contacted via the Council.

  • If you’re selling your property, the buyer’s solicitor will usually raise enquiries, which they ask us to answer. We charge a standard fee of £275 plus VAT (£330.00 total) for this service. Once payment is received we will complete the enquiries.

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties then you should get in touch with us as soon as possible to let us know this. If you currently pay your service charge annually or quarterly then you may be able to move to a monthly standing order to assist with budgeting.

  • Please do not ignore this letter. Contact us as soon as possible to let us know you are experiencing difficulties and we will try our best to assist.

  • If you haven’t paid your service charges and it has become necessary for us to commence legal action, then this costs time and the involvement of solicitors. Therefore you will inevitably face additional costs for non-payment. You should avoid further legal costs by contacting us immediately to settle your account.

  • Whilst we endeavour to resolve any problems you may have by dialogue over the phone, if the matter is contentious or complex, then we will require you to document your concerns in writing so as we can carefully consider the points you are raising. This also ensures that your issue is dealt with professionally and with clear lines of communication.

  • We are unable to provide legal advice to leaseholders personally. If you do require legal advice we would suggest that you contact either a local solicitor, your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or a nearby Law Centre.

  • You can pay for any invoice we have sent you, be it a fob, service charges or other service via our online portal “YourSpace”. Alternatively, you can make a payment via your bank using the bank details shown on either your invoice or statement. If you are not already registered to the YourSpace service – see the FAQ on how to register.

    You can also make a payment by a cheque made payable to Regalty Estates. If you wish to make a payment via your bank you will need to contact the office to ascertain your estate’s Bank Details.

    Please ensure whichever payment style you use you include your apartment reference or invoice number.

  • Simply log into the YourSpace service and select “Request a Statement” – this will then produce a statement that will be sent to your email address usually in under 24 hours.
  • Generally speaking the annual spend is looked at to assess the level required and the total budgeted spend is then apportioned in accordance with the established ratios/lease for your dwelling/estate.  If you need more information on this – please do get in touch.

  • For your convenience, the annual accounts are posted online to our YourSpace service. If you also require a hard copy then please get in touch..

  • For your convenience, the latest annual budget is posted online to our YourSpace service. If you also require a hard copy then please get in touch.

  • It is impossible for any agency to accurately predict annual expenditure and so balancing payments are sometimes required. If an invoice has been sent to you then it will have been calculated in the same percentage as your service charge payment. Usually the payment is due immediately, but if this will cause difficulties then please contact our legal department who will try and agree a payment plan with you.
  • In order to make an insurance claim, there needs to be an insured loss – this may be a fire, flood, escape of water or storm damage.  We will need to be notified of the claim immediately, and you should provide two quotations and photographs of the damage.  We will then liaise with the insurance company and help you to resolve the claim as quickly as possible.
  • There is a belief that all buildings carry a full 10 year warranty for everything.  The fact of the matter is that the NHBC do not warranty flat roofs, or anything that isn’t a major issue outside of the Developers Guarantee Period.  To that end, some works required may fall foul of the NHBC contract wording, which is there essentially to avoid claims of a minimal nature, unless notified during the Developers Guarantee Period.

    It is more probable than not therefore that your claim will not fall under the policy.  If the management company has to deal with the problem under your lease there may be issues with regards to funding the claim, and therefore we ask you in larger claims to be patient whilst we deal with this.

  • Most of the meter cupboards are accessible for residents to obtain readings at your convenience.  However, on certain estates, we provide the readings and post these readings on Yourspace.  You should check your YourSpace area first and if there isn’t a meter reading posted, there should be a document indicating how you obtain a reading.  Follow these instructions to obtain your reading.

  • All communal areas will be covered for example this would include car parks, lobbies, entrances, gardens or any space which is not occupied/owned by a resident.  Generally, any area that is shared by more than one apartment is covered by your service charge, however check your lease as this will give an accurate description as to common parts.

  • In most case the answer to this question would be NO however it is advised that you refer to your lease for clarity. If you do not understand your lease you should contact our legal department who will assist.

  • Replacement fobs can purchased directly from Regalty Estates and you should email your request to us.

  • On most of our estates we have a permit system which is policed by external agencies.  You should check with your property manager whether this applies to you. They will obtain a permit for you if required.

  • In most cases this would be the responsibility of the landlord, or lettings agent to remediate such items as this is deemed as a non communal item.

  • In most cases we have found this is not true.  Most problems that are related to the Sky system affect more than one apartment.  When this is the case, on communal Sky systems, the management company will bear the costs of the repair.

As not all apartments benefit from Sky this is often treated on a case by case basis.  Contact your property manager for your estate to discuss this further if you are experiencing problems.

  • If you are experiencing problems with your intercom, and others are too, it is likely to be a communal fault.  However, if the problem is only related to your intercom unit, then it is likely to be an isolated (non-communal) problem.

    We can arrange for one of our engineers to attend and inspect the unit should it be the case that the communal intercom unit is not work then again this would be the responsibility of the management company.  However, if the problem is not communal, then either your lettings agent or you would be responsible for the call-out costs of the engineer and any quote to fix the problem.  We will require an indemnity to be undertaken by you before sending an engineer to investigate.

  • In the first event you should notify your lettings agent or landlord as this is not an issue that we would resolve.

If the problem is leading to an escape of water you should deal with this immediately by isolating the water or turning off the supply whilst you resolve the issue of the leak.  This will prevent damage to other neighbouring properties and will limit your liability.

    If the problem is an electrical problem, you should use a qualified Part P electrician, or if a plumbing or gas problem you should use a GAS SAFE plumber.



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